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Two FSE researchers receive NWO XS grant

25 July 2022

Two researchers of the Faculty of Science and Engineering have received an XS grant from the Dutch Research Council (NWO). Wouter Roos receives a grant for his project ‘Scrutinising antiviral interactions in real-time at the single particle level’ and Daniel Sauer for his project ‘FixCas - Artificial metalloenzymes in cascade reactions for CO2 fixation’. The grant consists of EUR 50,000.

With the XS grants, NWO strives to encourage curiosity-driven and bold research involving a quick analysis of a promising idea. A special aspect is that the applicants themselves assess the other applications.

Prof. Wouter Roos (Zernike Institute) | Scrutinising antiviral interactions in real-time at the single particle level


Viruses chronically infect hundreds of million people every year leading to a large casualty rate. To date, for many viruses there is still no cure available. Potential antivirals have emerged to provide treatment for some of these virus-caused chronic diseases. However, the exact mechanism of these antivirals is unknown. This research project aims to provide a detailed model of the interactions of antivirals with single viral particles, using advanced microscopy techniques. The results from this research will drive improved designs of antiviral candidates to fight viral diseases.

Dr. Daniel Sauer (Stratingh Institute) | FixCas - Artificial metalloenzymes in cascade reactions for CO2 fixation


Global climate change is the biggest long-term challenge faced by humankind. Therefore, CO2 needs to be removed from the atmosphere. However, the number of processes that produce useful and valuable compounds is limited, due to the challenges that lie in the fixation of CO2. Here, a novel type of chemoenzymatic cascade reaction involving natural and artificial enzymes will be established, enabling the fixation of CO2 and the production of valuable pharmaceutical compounds.

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