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Invitation: ARC CBBC Conference and lab opening in Groningen

Societal debate on ‘Sustainable and circular chemical industry’
05 April 2022

Within the Advanced Research Center Chemical Building Blocks Consortium ( ARC CBBC ), industry and the academic world intensively work together on creating a sustainable and circular chemical industry. On Wednesday 13 April at the Academy Building at the University of Groningen, the ARC CBBC will hold a societal debate with companies, the Chemistry Top Sector, and professors of different disciplines on how the chemical industry can become green. Rector Magnificus Cisca Wijmenga will open the event. In addition, the ARC CBBC lab in Groningen will be opened by Prof. Ben Feringa, Nobel Prize winner and chemist at the UG.

Foto: Erik van 't Woud
Photo: Erik van 't Woud

The University of Groningen, as well as Utrecht University and Eindhoven University of Technology, is a full partner of ARC CBBC. The research of the consortium focuses on the transition of materials, resources, and energy, with around 75 PhD students and postdoctoral researchers currently occupied. They are conducting research in fields including the use and reuse of waste, the use of biomass, renewable energy, and more efficient production processes.

Multidisciplinary approach

The transition of the chemical industry requires collaboration and the intensive exchange of expertise between industry and academia. Yet, even that is not enough. To accelerate the transition towards a greener chemical industry and a more sustainable society, it is important to involve other disciplines in the process. The conference on 13 April will also focus on the need for a multidisciplinary approach and on joining forces when moving towards circular chemistry and a sustainable society.

Debate on political, economic, and societal aspects

During the panel discussions, the members of the consortium will deliberate with researches and professionals [PP1] in other disciplines. The topics will include political, economic, and societal aspects. The possible methods for accelerating the scaling up of the transition will also be discussed. In addition to Prof. Ben Feringa, UG professors Linda Steg and Klaus Hubacek will also participate in the conference. Everyone interested in sustainability is invited to join and contribute to the discussions.

Further information

Video: ARC CBBC lab in Groningen

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