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Statement UNL and UG about the invasion of Ukraine

25 February 2022

Statement on behalf of the Universities of the Netherlands (UNL)

The Dutch universities are shocked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and empathise with all those affected by it. What is happening there is horrific, and we are deeply concerned about the ramifications for the Ukrainian universities and the academic community. We wish to express our solidarity with students and staff in Ukraine, and we embrace those in the academic communities in Russia who are speaking out against the invasion while courageously continuing to dedicate themselves to peace, dialogue and open cooperation.

The Dutch universities are committed to supporting staff and students who are directly or indirectly impacted by these events. We recognise that Ukrainian and Russian staff and students in the Netherlands are experiencing uncertainty, and we intend to do everything we can to assist them as effectively as possible. The universities will also explore possibilities for offering help to academics in Ukraine. As universities, we have a responsibility to use our research and education programmes to contribute to a better world and to dedicate ourselves to the goals of peace, respect and liberty, as well as academic freedom.

Statement from the UG

We, as the UG, are shocked by the news of what is happening in Ukraine. We are in close contact with Ukrainian and Russian students, as well as students from Ukrainian universities who are here as part of an exchange. Those impacted have been made aware of the support we can offer. We continue to closely monitor how our staff and students might possibly be impacted by imposed sanctions.

University partnerships statement

A general statement has also been published on behalf of 41 university partnerships in Europe, including ENLIGHT.

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