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Influence of DNA on behaviour and well-being during corona crisis increasing

08 June 2021

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As the Dutch became more self-reliant during the Corona crisis, the extent to which DNA influences our behaviour and well-being has increased. This has emerged from research among 30,000 participants in the Lifelines Corona study, conducted by the University of Groningen and the UMCG.

Hereditary predisposition influences behaviour during corona crisis

The researchers found that people who have different genetic predispositions also cope with the corona crisis differently. For example, people with an increased genetic predisposition to neuroticism more often experience fear of vaccinations, and genetic predisposition to depression has an effect on reported fatigue over the past year. Also, people with a genetic predisposition to be more educated are less likely to shake hands, but they actually wash their hands less often. In addition, those with a predisposition to consume alcohol appear to have had difficulty in avoiding hospitality venues. And despite the fact that the Dutch did not go on winter sports, the people who did have such plans in November appear to have a genetic predisposition for risky behavior more often.

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