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Lisa Herzog wins Ammodo Science Award 2021

09 March 2021

The Ammodo Science Award for fundamental research 2021 has been awarded to professor of Political Philosophy Lisa Herzog. The award consists of €300.000 to be spent on her research.

Herzog's research focuses on how moral and democratic values can play a larger role in our economic system. What does it mean to act morally if employees feel like they are just a cog in the wheel of a giant corporation? How should organizations be set up to ensure that moral values will play a larger role in the conduct of its employees?

Lisa Herzog
Lisa Herzog

As a multidisciplinary philosopher, Herzog combines insights from political philosophy and ethics with theories form economics and social sciences in an innovative way. She has been research fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin and is a member of the Global Young Academy. She has been awarded the Austrian Tractatus Prize for Philosophical Essays and the German Prize for Philosophy and Social Ethics, both in 2019. She is an important member of our Centre for Philosophy, Politics and Economics and she teaches in our MSc in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) as well as many other courses.

Professor Barteld Kooi from our Faculty of Philosophy has won the same award in 2015 as can be read in this news article.

About the Ammodo Science Award

The Ammodo Science Award for Fundamental Research is intended for excellent internationally recognized mid career scientists who work in the Netherlands and have obtained their PhD degree no longer than fifteen years ago. More information about the Ammodo Science Award for Fundamental Research

Press release

Read Ammodo's press release and the Laudatio page for Lisa Herzog


Read this recent interview (8 March 2021) with Lisa Herzog about her book Reclaiming the System: Moral Responsibility, Divided Labour, and the Role of Organizations in Society (OUP, 2018).

This article was published by the Faculty of Philosophy.

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