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Online Information Universe Conference

28 October 2020

On 1st October 2020, we had the first online version of the Information Universe Conference.

Through a zoom meeting, we hosted 80 people all around the world, to participate at a very dynamic conference divided in 2 sessions: Information in physics and cosmology and The future of computing: exploring new pathways.

Thanks to the presence of two chairs and four introducers, we gave space to 6 speakers: Charley Lineweaver, Erik Verlinde, Wendy Freedman, Carter Emmart, Bas Beukers and Edwin Valentijn.

Charley Lineweaver from the Convener of the Australian National University's Planetary Science Institute in Canberra talked about Life science and the overwhelming complexity of nature. Watch his talk was: Is Biological Information the Only Kind of Information?'.

Charley Lineweaver
Charley Lineweaver

Wendy Freedman from University of Chicago, introduced by Tamara Davis, talked about the ACDM tension, Euclid and the Dark Universe. Take a look at his talk: 'Tension in the Hubble Constant: Is There Physics beyond the Standard Model?'

Wendy Freedman
Wendy Freedman

Erik Verlinde from the University of Amsterdam talked about Emergent gravity and space-time: a unified theory based on information. We uploaded his talk on Youtube: 'On the Cosmological Evolution in a Theory of Emergent Gravity.'

Erik Verlinde introduced by Margot Brouwer with Konrad Kuijken
Erik Verlinde introduced by Margot Brouwer with Konrad Kuijken

During the second session: Information in vitro: the future of visualization Carter Emmart, Director of Astrovisualization at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York City took us to explore the evolution of Planetarium Theaters in an immersive way. If you want to watch his talk, take a look: Evolution of Planetarium Theaters: from Sky Demonstration to Immersive 3D Science Description and Investigation'

Carter Emmart gives his presentation, introduced by Anders Ynnerman during the session lead by Marlies van de Weijgaert.
Carter Emmart gives his presentation, introduced by Anders Ynnerman during the session lead by Marlies van de Weijgaert.

Bas Beukers talked about VR within the Target Field Lab project. His presentation was about VR becoming reality during the new COVID-19.

Edwin Valentijn ended the session with the presentation of his new book, the very first popular science book on the Information Universe: "Powers of Two — The Information Universe" (Springer-Nature 2020), a unique expedition through the world and scales of information resembling the classic "powers of ten".

If you are interested in watching all presentations, browse around the Information Universe channel.

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