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NWA Idea Generator Grant for three researchers

03 July 2020

Ymkje Stienstra, Joram Tarusarira and Ajay Kottapalli have received an Idea Generator Grant from the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA) programme. The projects from this programme are characterized by their innovative nature and possible impact on society.

SPREAD: reduce Scabies impact on Poverty with a tool to estimate prevalence based on self-diagnosis.

Prof. Y. Stienstra - University Medical Center Groningen

Scabies is linked to poverty. Mass-drug administration, treating everyone in the community at risk, is needed to reduce its burden. Policy makers have difficulties to decide on the size of the intervention needed. We will develop an interactive, digital tool to provide prevalence rates based on self-diagnosis by community members.

Invoking the Sacred: Towards Alternative Strategies Against Climate Conflicts

Dr. J. Tarusarira - University of Groningen

Climate change is fuelling violent conflicts and undermining international peace and security. The role of sacred beliefs and practices in climate-induced conflicts remains understudied. This project interrogates how framing climate-induced conflicts in terms of sacred beliefs and practices influences the peace and reconciliation strategies adopted by policymakers and NGOs.

Read more about the research project of Joram Tarusirara

Sensorized shoes for gait monitoring and biofeedback rehabilitation in Parkinson’s patients

Dr. A.G.P. Kottapalli - University of Groningen

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disorder associated with deteriorated posture and gait. Herein, we propose low-cost sensorized shoes for patients to monitor gait and avoid fall conditions through a biofeedback voice alert. The technology can be used at home or rehabilitation centres for improved care and diagnosis of PD.

Read more about the research project of Ajay Kottapalli

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