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Video lecture by Hedderik van Rijn as part of the Universiteit van Nederland

03 February 2020

Why do uncomfortable moments last so long? Prof. Hedderik van Rijn explains his research into the perception of time in a video lecture (in Dutch) by the Universiteit van Nederland.

You must know the feeling: you’re at a cool party and, to your surprise, it is suddenly 2 a.m. The time appeared to have just flown by... Even though the clock does not tick any faster, such a night seems to pass in no time – while a boring moment lasts for ages. Hedderik van Rijn conducts research into the perspective of time and, in this lecture, he explains why boring moments often appear to occur in slow motion, while fun parties fly by.

Universiteit van Nederland

Through the Universiteit van Nederland, inspiring academics share interesting and new insights from their fields of research by means of short lectures. They bring science to life for a young and wide-ranging public by answering provocative questions in various formats. From dark matter to animals’ experiences of love: just about everything is covered.

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