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Hong Kong update: safety first

15 November 2019

We are very concerned regarding the current situation in Hong Kong, especially near some of the premises of our partner universities. The University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Baptist University have informed us that they have suspended education for the remainder of this term. Some universities are even closed. We have therefore informed our students in Hong Kong to reconsider staying in the city.

Overall the UG follows the advice of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs with regard to travel. At the moment the situation is “yellow”. This means that students and any staff members have to be alert, but that they are not forced to return home. This is at everyone’s own discretion.

Our advice for students:

  • Please follow the instructions of the local authorities and your host institution.
  • Make sure you are registered at the Dutch Consulate in Hong Kong or the Embassy of your nationality.
  • Be sure to take care, or go to a place you consider safe.
  • When you want to go ‘home’ or to a safe place : UG students on exchange or internship in Hong Kong can be compensated for the extra travel costs of an early departure to a maximum of €750 per student. In order to apply for this compensation, the date of the flight ticket must be before 1 December 2019. Reimbursement requests can be sent to the Mobility and Scholarship Desk through an online form (on Student Portal).
  • We realize that this may affect study progress. Solutions can only be tailor made. Students are advised to contact their faculty’s international office or study advisor to discuss this and to try to find out what the backup plan at their host university is.
  • The Marco Polo mobility grant for the first semester of 2019/2020 will not be affected.
  • We realize that the direct confrontation with violence may have an impact on your personal wellbeing. We will try to support you in this to the best of our ability. If you want to have a personal talk with one of our student counsellors or student psychologists, please contact the Student Service Centre.

We want to thank our partner universities in Hong Kong for the support they give to our students. And we hope to see you all safe and sound back in Groningen.

Last modified:12 March 2020 9.42 p.m.

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