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UG Faculty of Law moves its facilities to the Public Library building: architect selected

15 October 2019
The Faculty of Law will be housed in the current building of the Public Library

In 2023, The University of Groningen's (UG) Faculty of Law will move into the Public Library building at the Oude Boteringestraat 18. The UG has selected Cruz y Ortiz and Inbo as the renowned architects for the building's required renovation and restructuring. The former of these is known, among other things, for the renovation of Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum. Together, the two architecture firms have extensive experience with educational projects.

‘The new accommodation offers us the ideal opportunity to align building, organisation, education and research with each other,’ according to Mirjam Buigel, Managing Director of the Faculty of Law. ‘While we are now fragmented across multiple locations, we will soon have one main building. This creates a new way of working together and a new dynamic between staff and students in both work and study.’

Pure, clear and simple

The building at Oude Boteringestraat 18 was designed in 1992 by the famous Italian architect Giorgio Grassi. ‘We are delighted that we are allowed to guide this transformation,’ says Muriel Huisman, architect of Cruz y Ortiz / Inbo, ‘and create a fitting residence for the staff and students. With a new interior and smart usage of the existing architecture we want to create a new home for the faculty. With this we connect as closely as possible with Grassi's design principles: pure, clean and simple.’

Under one roof

Since 2014, the UG has been owner of the building at the Oude Boteringestraat 18. The Public Library will move to Forum Groningen at the end of 2019. ‘Now that the architect of the renovation has been selected and the library's move will soon be a fact, we can press ahead with our relocation process,’ says Buigel. ‘In Cruz y Ortiz / Inbo we have found a combination of architects that fit with the vision and style of Grassi. We are convinced that they will strive to create a comfortable, pleasant and functional learning and research environment for our staff and students.’

The faculty is currently housed in the Harmonie Complex at the Oude Kijk in ’t Jatstraat along with the Faculty of Arts. Due to an increase in the number of students and staff, both faculties are lacking in space. Therefore, the Faculty of Law now also often has to work from the surrounding buildings.

The renovation process: extra floor and sustainability

In all, the design team has been bolstered by the following advisors


Cruz y Ortiz / Inbo

Amsterdam and Heerenveen

Construction Advisor



Installation Advisor

Syperda Hardy


Building physics and fire safety Advisor



The design team will start mid-October 2019. The design for the renovated building will be worked on in consultation with faculty representatives. In the design process, the building will be made more sustainable through improved insulation and installation techniques, among other things. To meet the needs of the faculty's increasing size, an extra floor on top of the building has been added in the plan elaboration.

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