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Klokhuis prize nominations: spiders, wolves, children and 2000 year old chefs

17 September 2019

Every year the television program Het Klokhuis organizes a science prize for universities. This year, the RUG has submitted four studies that are appealing to children.

Marjolein Admiraal is an archaeologist and researches what people ate in Alaska 2,000 years ago. Using a new technique, she examines the fats that were drawn into the earthenware cooking pots at the time. For example, she discovered remains of fish, whales, walruses and seals.

Annelies van Ginkel investigates how the Dutch forest will change when wolves come to live there. Deer appear to eat far fewer saplings in dangerous places in the middle of wolves' territory. So the forest grows much better and more varied there.

Elianne Zijlstra visits asylum seekers' centers to talk to children who have fled to the Netherlands. What are they satisfied with and what could be better?

Finally, Rachel de Jong is a psychologist at the Durfpoli, where children with a phobia learn to dare to step up. De Jong investigates how this step-by-step method works best.

This Friday, the Klokhuis will announce the 10 national nominations. Curious what the scientists themselves say about their research? Then view our videos on YouTube!

F.l.t.r.: Marjolein Admiraal, Annelies van Ginkel, Elianne Zijlstra en Rachel de Jong. Photo’s: Scholierenacademie
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