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05 June 2019

Chicfashic, a second hand sustainable market place and fashion community that gives you the opportunity to do something good with your clothes whilst making money in the process. Listen to Fabiola, explaining her motives on why she aims to support sustainable fashion.

I am Fabiola, The CEO and Founder of Chicfashic.
My career journey started in the scientific field of business, increasing my awareness of the harmful effects of climate change. This added with my Italian roots and interest sparked the idea for what has become a sustainable fashion market Chicfashic. I grew up in a large family, me and my cousins would often share clothes and give/get hand me downs. I still remember the excitement of coming home from school to a big black bag of clothes, just sitting there waiting for me. It was like Christmas, all the various fabrics, colours and materials meant endless opportunities for the clothes I did like and even the ones I did not. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world and I’m sure a lot of people can relate!
In the years following up to early adulthood I started going to the local clothes market with my mother. Common for many teenagers is the utmost pressure to keep up with the latest trends and the recently added online fast fashion craze. I was slightly different to other teenagers, I saw the beauty in secondhand clothes and the endless possibilities that came with them. These markets were my fashion queens. Incredible, sustainable, individualistic pieces of clothing once loved by another which could be mine for a small price.
While I became of age for university, my love for fashion did not change. However, with the help of my science studies my knowledge did and I became more and more aware of the significance of second hand fashion in aiding issues with fast fashion and climate change. And thus, sustainability and fashion combined, came Chicfashic.
The main concept of the Chicfashic platform is to reimburse that feel good feeling of shopping online, but in a environmentally friendly manner. By creating this design, people can share and reuse clothes all over the world and even rent, if you feel like you are just not ready to part with a certain piece!
Chicfashic was born to invent a sense of trust between both the planet and our people, by using the platform not only are you recycling but you are also creating bonds with others worldwide. It removes the unknowing detachment you feel when donating a bag of clothes to a local thrift shop, yes the concept of recycling is still there but with Chicfashic you can become aware of where your clothes have gone and even get them returned to you. Making more space in your wardrobe and in your conscience, as you are not only contributing to saving the environment but also putting a smile on someone’s face with their new purchase! The overall future goal of Chicfashic and me personally, is to distribute this message to the world. We can fix things and take pride and happiness in doing so.
So give your clothes a second chance of happiness and go join the Chicfashic community!
Baci, adiós, au revoir, farewell, until next time.
Fabiola xo

Check out the website and Facebook to know more about Chicfashic!

Last modified:23 November 2021 2.57 p.m.

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