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61 million euros for social and scientific breakthroughs

13 June 2019

More than 200 researchers and their teams can begin to work on social and scientific issues in close collaboration with public and private parties. This close collaboration will take place in 17 research projects. It marks the first time that research is being funded by the Dutch National Research Agenda: Research along Routes by Consortia (NWA-ORC). A total of 61 million euros has been made available for this knowledge chain-wide partnership. The University of Groningen (UG) and UMCG participate in two projects who have been awarded 7,5 million euro in total.

Broad cooperation on urgent issues

Active collaboration within the knowledge chain is extremely important to achieve breakthroughs. Consortia of researchers and social partners from the public, semi-public sectors and industry are therefore working intensively together to design, carry out and implement research. The awarded studies focus on matters such as urgent medical issues, matters related to youth and behaviour, climate change and our living environment, but also digital security and historical issues.

Insects as sustainable feed for a circular economy

To develop insects as sustainable feed for a circular economy, the project team will investigate (1) insect production, focussing on insect health, insect welfare and intrinsic value of insects, (2) health and welfare of livestock fed with insects and (3) conduct an economic analysis of the new insect sector.

Main applicant: Prof. dr. M. Dicke (Wageningen University & Research)
Participating institutions: HAS University of Applied Sciences, University of Groningen, Protix, Buhler Insect Technology Solutions (BITS), Amusca Europe, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals, Rabobank Netherlands, Netherlands food and consumer product safety authority (NVWA), GD Animal Health, Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organization (ZLTO)
Amount rewarded: € 3.419.346

SYMPHONY: Orchestrating personalised treatment in patients with bleeding disorders

In SYMPHONY patients, doctors and scientists work together to personalise treatment in bleeding disorders by a patient-orchestrated approach. Harmonisation of efforts to improve laboratory tests, treatment, and our understanding of blood clot formation, will show us how to establish which treatment is best for each individual patient.

Main applicant: Dr. M.H. Cnossen (Erasmus University Medical Center)
Participating institutions: Sanquin Research, Amsterdam UMC, University Medical Center of Groningen, University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands Hemophilia Patient Society (NHVP), Dutch Association of HIV-treating physicians (NVHB), Dutch Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (NVTH), Bayer B.V., CSL Behring B.V., Sobi Benelux
Amount rewarded: € 4.098.995

Research along Routes by Consortia

Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW), NWO has been funding research in the context of the Dutch National Research Agenda since 2018. The aim of the research in the Agenda is to make a permanent positive contribution to the future knowledge society by building bridges in the present and joining forces to address scientific and social challenges. Steps are being taken to achieve this aim through an annual funding round by the NWA-ORC. This science-wide funding round focuses on enabling interdisciplinary research and innovation that can be used to bring social and scientific breakthroughs within reach.

Collaboration between knowledge institutes and social partners to study urgent issues
Collaboration between knowledge institutes and social partners to study urgent issues
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