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UG again best classic Master’s University in the Netherlands

12 Top Master’s degree programmes at the University of Groningen
05 March 2019
Keuzegids: Top rated programme Masters 2019
Keuzegids: Top rated programme Masters 2019

The latest edition of the Dutch Higher Education Guide (Keuzegids) for Master’s degree programmes labels 12 degree programmes at the University of Groningen (UG) as Top Degree Programmes. The UG Master’s degree programme in Nanoscience has even been rated best university Master’s degree programme in the Netherlands. Of the 9 broad-based universities in the Netherlands, the UG takes first place, as it did in 2018, but now shares this position with the University of Maastricht. The University of Groningen is the fourth-best Master’s university of the Netherlands, when the technical universities are included.

The Dutch Higher Education Guide for Master’s degree programmes includes descriptions of all Master’s degree programmes officially registered in the Netherlands. Most of the programmes are also awarded points to reflect quality. Some programmes are so good that the editorial board awards them the label of Top Programme. These are programmes that scored 75 points or higher. Nationally, this label was awarded to 130 Master’s degree programmes, which is slightly less than last year. 12 of the UG Master’s degree programmes have been labelled as Top Degree Programmes: Nanoscience, Legal Research (research), Economics and Business (research), Astronomy, Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences (research), Ecology and Evolution, Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences, Archaeology (research), Public international Law, Mathematics, American Studies, and Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies.

Seven years

The Master’s degree programme in Nanoscience has not only been rated in the top three of best Master’s degree programmes for the seventh consecutive year, but it is also this year’s best Master’s degree programme of the Netherlands, with a score of 100 points.

13 first places

In addition to the Top Master’s degree programmes, 13 other UG Master’s degree programmes finished first in their respective categories. These are: Archaeology, Clinical & Psychosocial Epidemiology, Economic Geography, Cultural Geography (Leeuwarden), Pharmacy, Medicine, Sport Sciences, Human Resource Management, Human-machine Communication, Media Studies, Spatial Sciences, Supply Chain Management, and Theology and Religious Studies (research).

Master’s day

In anticipation of the UG Master’s day on 29 March, this result is wonderful news for Groningen. On the Master’s day, the faculties provide information on the Master’s degree programmes in person. This information is intended for students who have obtained a Bachelor’s degree at a different university and are considering following a Master’s degree programme in Groningen, students of a university of applied science who wish to follow a UG Master’s degree programme, UG students who want to familiarize themselves with a Master’s degree programme, and of course other interested people.

2019 Dutch Higher Education Guide for Master’s degree programmes

The Dutch Higher Education Guide offers a brief description of all Dutch Master’s degree programmes. A quality assessment is also given for most programmes, based on student evaluations (National Student Survey, NSE) and the evaluation of the certification institute NVAO.

Keuzegids: Best classic Master University in the Netherlands
Keuzegids: Best classic Master University in the Netherlands
Last modified:06 March 2019 11.13 a.m.

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