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Digital Society Conference Dutch universities

16 October 2018

Digital information technology is permeating society ever deeper. It is now clear that digitalization will radically change virtually every aspect of society, not only in the Netherlands but across the world. That is why 14 Dutch universities, which together comprise the VSNU, are organizing the international Digital Society Conference in the Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort on Tuesday 27 November.


During a variety of workshops, the universities - together with knowledge institutes, the business world and governmental departments - want to work with the societal challenges of digitalization, in order to invest in innovative research for a better digital society. Alongside the workshops, lectures, by José van Dijck, Professor at the University of Utrecht, among others, will further explore the latest developments of digitalization and its impact on society. The universities will also provide examples of their own research into digitalization and its impact on society.


Do you want to know precisely what is happening in the field of digitalization, exchange knowledge with experts from all layers of organizations, and contribute to research? Sign up for the Digital Society Conference.

Digital Society research programme

In the Digital Society research programme, 30 professors from 14 Dutch universities are pooling their resources. They are working together to boost the Netherlands to a top international position in the field of people-oriented information technology and to find solutions to global challenges. The research programme is focused on seven important societal themes in which digitalization has a big impact: Citizenship & Democracy, Responsible Data Science, Health & Well-Being, Learning & Education, Work & Organisations, Digital Cities & Communities and Safety & Security. Prof. Marcel Broersma from the Faculty of Arts is the national project leader of the Citizenship & Democracy research theme within the Digital Society research programme.

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