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UG Students help young students with logistics

19 September 2018

In the past months, pupils from various primary and secondary schools in the city of Groningen formulated ideas for future urban logistics in cooperation with students of the University of Groningen. “Web Expeditie Groningen” is a collaboration among the University of Groningen (UG), Public Education Groningen, the municipality of Groningen, Cisco and the Logistics Top Sector.

The pupils worked during three months on finding new solutions for sustainable urban logistics operations. They had the freedom to choose a specific topic and approach it from a social, technical, legal, philosophical and/or economic perspective. The emphasis lay on digital literacy, a fundamental part of the education program at primary and secondary schools in Groningen.

During the International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC), which was organized by the University of Groningen in June 2018, the pupils were invited to present their solutions. The pupils have devised unique solutions for the logistical challenges in their own unique way. Through vlogs, presentations and 3D prints they showed the audience, including representatives of the sector logistics, participants of the conference and parents, their solutions. Alderman Ton Schroor received the results of the pupils and complemented the design of the project: "A wonderful example of how primary and scientific education, together with entrepreneurs from the business sector, tackle issues from the field." Albert Veenstra, scientific director of TKI Dinalog, is also enthusiastic about the project: "It's nice to make children aware of logistics in this way and to let them think about the logistics of the future."

In the next video, a number of pupils of the primary school The Starter ask questions about the logistics of webshop Frank to Benjamin Derksen, the co-owner. They also informed him about their own ideas for the city logistics of the future. Derksen: "I was amazed at the detailed and elaborate plans the children had of future proof logistics solutions, and it is refreshing to look at professional challenges from a children's perspective."

You can contact prof. dr. Iris Vis for more information about Web Expeditie Groningen.

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