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University of Groningen supports The Guild statement on Brexit

13 november 2017

This past weekend marked the halfway point between the Brexit vote on 23 June 2016 and the day on which the UK is scheduled to leave the EU, 29 March 2019. Throughout the Brexit negotiations, universities have expressed their concerns about the consequences of Brexit for higher education. Today The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities has issued a statement to underscore the importance of collaboration in the face of Brexit. The University of Groningen is one of the 19 members of The Guild and supports this statement.

The importance of collaboration

The Guild states: ‘As Brexit talks continue, it is crucial to restate the importance of joint investment in knowledge, human capital and innovation, enabled across borders by European universities. Ensuring the welfare of Europe’s economies and strengthening our societies requires more collaboration in research and innovation, not less. The success of European universities depends on their ability to circulate ideas freely, through their researchers, students and alumni. This must not be affected adversely by Brexit.’

The Guild proposes four main ways of ensuring future collaboration:

  • ‘We need continued investment in student mobility, including between the EU and the UK, to strengthen our societies and ensure economic resilience.’
  • ‘We call for investment in EU framework programmes to sustain and enhance the quality of research in Europe, including the UK.’
  • ‘The free circulation of ideas can best be guaranteed by the free and uninterrupted movement of researchers, students and their families.’
  • ‘We urge continued long-term support for innovation across borders.’

More information

Website of The Guild

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