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Expansion of collaboration between UG and Osaka University Japan

05 October 2017

The University of Groningen (UG) and Osaka University Japan have extended their collaboration. On Monday 4 October 2017, Rector Magnificus Elmer Sterken and Prof. Shojiro Nishio signed the updated collaboration agreement. Osaka University is one of the UG’s strategic partners.


The academic collaboration started in the 1980s, and in 2002 a collaboration agreement and exchange agreement for students was also signed. Every year since then, between five and ten UG students study in Osaka and over 200 students from Osaka follow an appetizer course in Groningen to learn about studying in the Netherlands.

Big Data

During the visit to Osaka by Rector Magnificus Elmer Sterken and Director Ronald Stolk of the Center for Information Technology of the UG, the possibilities for collaboration in the field of big data were explored. This will be one of the themes of the collaboration in this strategic partnership. In 2011 the UG opened a Dutch Studies Center in Oasaka, in an office in the Tekijuku Memorial Center. Given the intended intensification of the academic exchanges and contacts, it will be investigated whether a liaison office can be set up.


In addition to the university-wide exchanges, the Faculties of Law, Science & Engineering, Medical Sciences and Arts facilitate exchanges at faculty level. Every year the Faculty of Arts organizes a ‘Gateway to Europe’ lecture series in Osaka. Students can also join a double degree programme as part of the Research Master in Modern History and International Relations.

Symposium in Groningen

One or two academic symposia are also organized every year. On 26-27 October, the JHSPS-NWO symposium is being organized in collaboration with the ZIAM and GBB research institutes. The biannual Gratama Symposium for Japanese and Dutch chemists will be held from 29-31 October in Groningen. Osaka University contributes significantly to this.

Contacts between study associations

In the past year, the contacts between study associations have been strengthened. Visits from students of Engineering and Science programmes took place in both directions. The Japan-Netherlands Student Conference – also completely organized by students from Osaka and Groningen – attracts lots of attendees.

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