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Sixteen Veni grants for UG researchers

28 July 2017

Sixteen researchers from the University of Groningen (UG) and the UMCG have been awarded VENI grants within the framework of NWO’s Innovational Research Incentives Scheme, as opposed to ten last year. VENI grants are intended for researchers who have recently gained a PhD and have significant and original talent for innovative research. The grant is up to € 250,000 and offers these young researchers the chance to develop their ideas over the next three years.

The VENI grants are awarded annually by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). A total of 154 research projects across the country were successful this year. The sixteen new Groningen VENI laureates and their topics are:

Name Faculty/dept./field Topic
Anne Benjaminse UMCG - Human Movement Sciences Understanding ‘learning motor skills’ to prevent ankle and knee injuries in sport: a new approach
Lynn Boschloo UMCG - Psychopathology and psychiatry One size fits no-one: diversity in the symptomatology of patients is the key to tailored treatment of depression
Marleen Damman NIDI - Theme group Work & Retirement Retirement of the solo self-employed
Laura Govers UG - GELIFES Climate change and marine plant diseases
Ronnie Hermens UG - Philosophy Pull the other one!
Gijs Huitsing UG - Sociology Network interventions in a peer context
Artúras Juodis UG – Economics and Business We do not live in a bubble: economic shocks in misspecified panel data models
Casper van der Kooi Faculty of Science and Engineering How do flowers produce colour, and why?
Namkje Koudenburg UG - Social Psychology The communication model of cultural change
Clemens Mayer UG - Stratingh Institute for Chemistry Creating enzymes on demand
Cristina Paulino UG - Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute Redefining concepts of membrane transport mechanism
Ward Romeijnders UG – Economics and Business Planning for the unknown
Terrin Tamati UMCG – Otorhinolaryngology More than words: Uncovering the effects of talkers’ voices on real-life speech perception by cochlear implant users
Niek Verweij UMCG - Cardiology Complex genetics of exercise electrocardiography
Jorrig Vogels UG – Centre for Language and Cognition Are people egocentric when they talk?
Carsten Wloka-Tjalsma UG - Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute Tiny pores, huge sensors

More information about the young researchers and their awarded projects can be found at our website.

The Innovational Research Incentives Scheme
The VENI grants, together with the the VIDI (for experienced postdocs) and VICI grants (for senior researchers), form part of NWO's Innovational Research Incentives Scheme. The VENI grants are designed for outstanding researchers who have recently gained a PhD. Within the Scheme, researchers are free to submit their own topic for funding. In this way NWO wishes to stimulate innovative research driven by curiosity. NWO selects the researchers on the basis of their quality, the innovative nature of the research, the expected societal impact of the research proposal, and the possibilities for knowledge utilization.

More information

  • Jorien Bakker, UG press officer, tel. 050-3635328, e-mail j.a.bakker
  • Janneke Kruse, UMCG press officer, tel. 050-3612200.
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