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Faculties and University Council pay working visit to Yantai

02 May 2017

Together with the Board of the University, staff and students of the faculties of Science & Engineering, Spatial Sciences, UMCG and Behavioural and Social Sciences will visit the future campus of the University of Groningen Yantai in China between 24 and 27 May. A representation of the University Council will join them, at the invitation of the Board of the University.

The delegation will be accompanied by staff of the Yantai programme team and the entire Board of the University. The working visit will be covered by the University Newspaper; Editor in Chief Rob Siebelink will be travelling along with the delegation and reporting back. Press Officer Gernant Deekens will be writing a blog on My University about the course of the visit.

The aim of this visit is to make arrangements regarding the content of the preparatory year for Chinese students and the degree programmes that will be the first to start in Yantai. The visitors will also visit businesses and local authorities to explore the possibilities of research cooperation and student placements. In addition, the trip aims to provide a general impression of the city of Yantai, the campus and the surrounding area.

The Deans and Programme Directors of the faculties will also be making arrangements with their colleagues from China Agricultural University, the University of Groningen’s cooperation partner. The programmes involved are the Bachelor’s degree programmes in Chemistry, Industrial Engineering & Management, Human Geography and Urban and Regional Planning, Life Sciences & Technology and Mathematics. The Master's programmes involved are Chemical Engineering and Environmental and Infrastructure Planning.

The representatives of the University Council will first travel to Ningbo, for a visit to the branch campus of the University of Nottingham. This is the oldest branch campus in China and conceptually very similar to that of the University of Groningen Yantai. The group will subsequently travel to Yantai, where they will join the rest of the UG delegation.
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