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Ellen Deckwitz to be the University of Groningen’s next guest writer

03 May 2017
Ellen Deckwitz. Credit: Merlijn Doomernik
Ellen Deckwitz. Credit: Merlijn Doomernik

Poet and author Ellen Deckwitz will be the University of Groningen’s new guest writer. In a series of three lectures next autumn, she will address current shifts in different literary forms: columns, short stories and poems. In addition, she will be holding seminars, for a select group of students, on authorship and the choice of literary genre.


Literary genres are always in motion. Substantive shifts are currently taking place within literary forms such as columns, short stories and poems. Where James Worthy’s columns are poetry, those of Jan Dijkgraaf are closer to stand-up comedy. Poems increasingly resemble very short stories, while novels are increasingly incorporating autobiographical and essayistic elements. In her public lectures, Ellen Deckwitz demonstrates the increasing overlap between different genres and its consequences for authors and readers. Deckwitz’ stint as guest writer will kick off with an interview about her life and work.

Ellen Deckwitz

Ellen Deckwitz (1982) is a poet and author. She studied Dutch at the University of Groningen and completed a Research Master of Science in Literary and Cultural Studies. She has been a poet since 2000. In 2009 she won both the Dutch Poetry Slam Championship and the Meander Poet Award. Her 2011 debut, De steen vreest mij (The stone fears me), was awarded the 25th C. Buddingh’ Poetry Prize for best poetry debut of the year. Two more volumes, Hoi Feest (Hurray Party) and De blanke gave (The fair gift), followed. She published a course in enjoying poetry last year under the title Olijven moet je leren lezen (Reading olives must be learnt). Thanks to performances on Dutch national TV programmes such as De Wereld Draait Door and a column in Dutch national newspaper Deckwitz has become an influential ambassador of poetry.

Guest Writers

Since 1986, the University of Groningen has been recruiting a guest writer every autumn to give public lectures and teach a number of seminars. Former UG guest writers include Dick Hillenius, Doeschka Meijsing, Willem Wilmink, Monica van Paemel, Willem Jan Otten, Gerrit Krol, Nelleke Noordervliet, Bernlef, Rutger Kopland, Joost Zwagerman, Thomas Rosenboom, Bas Heijne, Koos van Zomeren, Tonnus Oosterhoff, Marjolijn Februari, Esther Jansma, Kader Abdolah, Arthur Japin, Annejet van der Zijl, Hans Aarsman, Marjoleine de Vos, Joost de Vries and P.F. Thomése.

The University of Groningen and Studium Generale Groningen share responsibility for the recruitment of guest writers.

For more information, please contact Guus Termeer, Studium Generale Groningen, telephone (050) 363 5464, a.j.m.termeer ,

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