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ESEB 2017 attracts 1500 scientists to Groningen

06 April 2017

GRONINGEN – Two of the largest evolutionary biology conferences in Europe will come to Groningen. The European Society of Evolutionary Biology congress (ESEB 2017) and the International Society for Evolution, Medicine & Public Health (ISEMPH 2017) are attracting over 1500 attendees from all over the world. Among them are Svante Pääbo, Linda Partridge and Stephen Stearns. Together with five others they form the ‘Keynote Speakers’ at both conferences that take place between 18 and 25 August.

the organising committee
the organising committee


ISEMPH 2017 is an annual meeting that brings together scientists, teachers, doctors and students to discuss new developments in the interface between evolutionary biology and medical sciences. It covers topic like infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, antibiotic resistance, ageing and cancer evolution. This conference takes place from 18-21 August, the first days in the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG), the last day in the Groningen Congress Centre MartiniPlaza overlapping with the first day of ESEB 2017.

ESEB 2017

ESEB 2017 takes place from 20-25 August in MartiniPlaza. This is the biannual international conference of evolutionary biologists and attracts a large number of academics from all over the world. Renowned speakers, top specialists in their specific field, warrant that the maximum number of participants is quickly reached.

Svante Pääbo
Svante Pääbo

Keynote speakers

Svante Pääbo is an absolute ‘hot-shot’ in his field. He is director of the Max Plank Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and world-famous for his research on Neanderthals, the ancestors of current humans. On Monday 21 Augustus Pääbo will speak about human evolution and ancient diseases to the full audience of both meetings. Afterwards Pääbo will be available for questions and interviews.

The same holds for Stephen Stearns (Yale University), the founder of both conferences, who will talk about the importance of evolutionary biology for the medical sciences. Linda Partridge (Max Plank Institute for Biology of Ageing) will give the opening address on healthy ageing. There will be a total of 350 scientific lectures and 1000 posters presented, covering a broad range of evolutionary biology topics.


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