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In Retrospective

13 April 2017

In Retrospect

It’s been a busy two months for the Career Services. We’ve attended Masterweeks, developed new workshops, had a give-away at the Open day and organised seminars. Here’s a short report on our activities.

In the last few weeks you might have seen us at the Masterweeks. We’ve been to many faculties, like the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Spatial Sciences to inform you about what we do. Some of you brought CV’s for us to check and we also had the opportunity to speak during some of the plenary introductions. We have had a great time answering your questions and helping you prepare for the upcoming master’s applications. Missed us at the Masterweeks? No worries, you can always come by at the I-shop.

New workshops
We have developed three new workshops helping you on your way to your future career:

-         How to successfully network – when you hate talking to people

Networking is an essential part of the process of getting a job. However, it can be quite daunting having to talk to professional people in your workfield. And how can you effectively talk about yourself? What about personal branding? These are questions that will be answered in our networking workshop.

-         Applying for a job? Experience an Assessment Centre

Employers are increasingly using assessments to find the right person for a job. They want to test how a candidate performs in different professional settings. During our assessment workshop we will take you through an assessment like an employer would. We will assess the way you communicate, how you work in a group setting and simulate a real assessment giving you a practical case study.

-         How to find a job that fits – Make sure to match with the vacancy

On paper many jobs might seem interesting and just the thing for you. It’s hard to distinguish, however, between what truly fits you and what doesn’t. Our vacancy workshop shows you how a vacancy is set up and how you can use self-knowledge to filter out the good and bad ones for your personality and skills.

These workshops are an addition to the workshops we offer on LinkedIn, motivation letters, CV and many more. Almost all workshops are for free and are given with care and a passion to inform you about the different aspects of your career.
If you want to sign up for a workshop you can subscribe here:

Open Day
You might not think the Career Services have a lot to do with the Open Day of the university but essentially choosing what to study is a very important step towards your future career! There was a festive atmosphere at the I-Shop as we presented the winner of the Career Survey with a cool city bike! There was also an opportunity to get your professional LinkedIn photo taken and we had free food and another big give-away. If you liked our Facebook page there was a chance to win a dinner at the Uurwerker for two, and dinner + a free night for two at the Student Hotel. The winners have been announced that same day and have been enjoying their prize. Congratulations!

Seminar: Career Opportunities at the European Union

In collaboration with EU Careers the Career Services have organized a seminar ‘Career Opportunities at the European Union’ on 23-02-2017. We drew a full house as key-notes speakers Stijn Ruyters (EPSO), Hidde Wedman (EU Careers Ambassador) and ex-trainee Albert Meijer spoke about applying for and working at the European Union. There was also an opportunity to try out the official Computer Based Test, which is the official test for each prospective EU employee. We hoped we have provided the attendees with ample information and the confidence to apply at the European Union!

Daily Routine

Next to all our events and activities we are at the I-Shop five days a week to help and advise you with your career. Providing cv-checks, checking motivation letters and advising on Linked-In is part of our daily routine. We also have career counselors, job agencies and other instances visiting the I-shop once or twice a week for tailored and in-depth advice. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with the weekly happenings at the I-Shop!

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