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RUG has two new projects on energy in the NWO programme Responsible Innovation

27 februari 2017

Responsible decision-making on gas: How individual and institutional factors influence public evaluations of gas (total budget €626.000,-)

Environmental psychologists dr. Goda Perlaviciute and prof. dr. Linda Steg have been awarded the NWO Responsible innovation grant to study factors that influence public evaluations of gas. They will collaborate in this project with political scientists dr. Aad Correljé and dr. Eefje Cuppen and philosopher Udo Pesch from the Delft University of Technology. The project will provide insights for responsible decisions about what role, if any, different gas concepts should play in future energy systems. Read more

Designing innovative and socially responsible heating systems (total budget €835.000,-)

The Delft University of Technology (TUD) and the University of Groningen (RUG) received a grant for an interdisciplinary project on socially responsible and acceptable sustainable heat grids. The project is coordinated by prof. dr. ir. Paulien Herder (TUD). Philosophers (prof. dr. Frank Hindriks) and environmental psychologists (dr. Angela Ruepert and prof. dr. Linda Steg) at the RUG will co-supervise a PhD student who will examine the acceptability and fairness of sustainable heat grids. Read more

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