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UG creates location for Usva and University College at Healthy Ageing Campus

25 November 2016
Northern entrance area, bordered by the Bloemsingel, E. Thomassen à Theussinklaan and former A. Deusinglaan.
Northern entrance area, bordered by the Bloemsingel, E. Thomassen à Theussinklaan and former A. Deusinglaan.

Last week the University of Groningen (UG) decided that the northern entrance of the Healthy Ageing Campus, which the University of Groningen and the UMCG are currently developing into a lively international city campus, will soon be home to the University College Groningen (UCG) and the Student Culture Centre Usva. The new location makes it possible for the UCG to expand as desired and offers better prospects for Usva. In addition, in the next few years, the University will invest in the renovation and construction of teaching and research facilities for Pharmacy (FMNS) and the Faculty of Medical Sciences, and investigate with UMCG how sports facilities and related business activities can also be accommodated on campus. The design phase is due to start in early 2017.

New accommodation for University College Groningen
New accommodation for University College Groningen

University College Groningen
The University College Groningen (UCG)’s current temporary location on the Hoendiepskade greatly limits the Faculty’s growth ambitions. On the Healthy Ageing Campus, the UCG will take up residence in the monumental Bloemsingel 1 building [see image]. This will make it possible for students to study and live on campus. To this end, SSH will create student housing units at the head of the Vrydemalaan. UCG students follow a degree programme in Liberal Arts and Sciences with much attention to innovation, creativity and collaboration. This degree programme was recently awarded a top degree programme distinction by the Keuzegids Universiteiten (Higher Education Guide).

Student Culture Centre Usva
Despite its beautiful premises on the Munnekeholm, Student Culture Centre Usva has for years expressed a wish for a more flexible building with better sound insulation and a larger theatre hall (approximately 200 seats). At the new campus location, students and visitors will have access to a number of theatre halls, studios, and training rooms. In combination with attractive catering and outdoors terrace space, this will bring liveliness to the campus both during the day and at night. The presence of other cultural organizations near the campus will bring opportunities for further collaboration.

Anniversary artwork, sports and lectures
In addition to the relocation of Usva and UCG, the University of Groningen also plans to develop multifunctional teaching areas on campus to serve primarily Pharmacy and Faculty of Medical Sciences students. The campus will also be home to the Anniversary artwork marking the University of Groningen’s 400th anniversary. The precise location of this artwork, designed by German artist Julius Popp, is still to be determined. The total area development will also include developing sports facilities.

Early 2017 will mark the start of the design phase of the various buildings. In the period to come all parties involved will work together with architects to design their own environment. The development of the total area will be elaborated in more detail in consultation with the other parties. The first visualizations of the area should be ready by mid 2017. The construction and renovation of buildings will take place in phases.
One of the first visible results will be the demolition of a few old buildings and the creation of a public transport hub by the City of Groningen and the Province.

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