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Award for SoundAppraisal

15 november 2016

SoundAppraisal, the start-up company of our academic teacher Tjeerd Andringa and his PhD student Kirsten van den Bosch, has won an important award last week at the Gouden Decibel Awards. UCG is very proud, congratulations to both!

SoundAppraisal develops technology and solutions to monitor and appraise the auditory environment in ways similar to the perception of humans and animals. Their App MoSART allows users to indicate how they experience their auditory environment. MoSART is an acronym of Mobile Sound Appraisal and Recording Technology. With MoSART, subjective and personal appraisal of environmental sound, or soundscapes could be registered. The interactive App could be used during music festivals and connects the festival visitors.

SoundAppraisal won the Gouden Decibel Award for the MoSART App in the category 'Best Product/Company of 2016', in the field of sound pollution.

If you are interested to find out more about SoundAppraisal of the MoSART App, visit their website.

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