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Philosophy in Groningen again rated as the best

Ten years in a row, with one exception
14 March 2017

On September 29, 2016, Elsevier made public the results of their Best Studies research: again students adjudicated the Groningen bachelor programme in philosophy as the best in the country. The same occurred in the past nine years, with the sole exception of 2014, when Groningen came out number two in the students’ judgement, although the professors in that year too placed Groningen on top.

Significantly higher

The satisfaction of the students is most striking when it concerns their assessment of the teachers: they give them 90 points (out of 100 --- significantly higher than the average). The students are also considerably happier about the facilities and about organisation/communication: in these categories Groningen received 76 and 73 points respectively. Finally, the overall judgement (75 points) is significantly higher than the mean.

More information

View the Top-4 and compare scores per category on: Elsevier Beste Studies: bachelor philosophy (in Dutch)

This article was published by the Faculty of Philosophy.

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