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Introducing our new scientific staff member Peter J. Deuss

03 October 2016

We are delighted to introduce Dr Peter J. Deuss as new tenure track assistant professor in Green and Smart Biomass Processing. Peter Deuss will start on October 1, 2016 in the research group of Prof dr. H.J. Heeres.

Deuss’ research interests lies in finding structure-reactivity relationship in chemical/biochemical processing of different potential renewable resources. In particular, looking at how different linking motifs in complex biopolymers are chemically affected by depolymerization methodology. This knowledge is then utilized to assist in the development and improvement of new depolymerization/valorization methods for biopolymers. The main focus lies on lignocellulosic biomass with a special interest in lignin, but many other biopolymers exist with interesting chemical structures. The research involves detailed studies using for example advanced 2-dimensional NMR techniques and characterization of complex product mixtures by multiple analysis techniques.

Deuss’ roots lie in Amsterdam, where he performed bachelor and master studies in chemistry. This was followed by a 7 year stay in the United Kingdom including PhD studies at the University of St. Andrews on metalloenzymes with Prof P. C. J. Kamer and two and half years post-doc in Cambridge with Dr M. J. Gait at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology on the development of conjugation methodology for therapeutics. Now, Deuss has been in Groningen at the university since 2013 working on the chemistry of renewables with Dr K. Barta at the Stratingh Institute for Chemistry and the past year with Prof H. J. Heeres at ENTEG.

Dr Peter Deuss
Dr Peter Deuss
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