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Linneborn Prize 2015 awarded to Prof. Dr. André Faaij

16 June 2015
Prof Andre Faaij

Prof. Andre Faaij, Academic Director of Energy Academy Europe and distinguished Professor of Energy System Analysis at the University Groningen in the Netherlands is awarded with the Linneborn Prize 2015. The Linneborn Prize is awarded every year to an individual for outstanding merits in energy from biomass.

The award has been given at the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition for "Outstanding Contributions to the Development of Energy from Biomass". Prof. André Faaij is a top performer in his research areas and has dedicated a major part of his scientific career to the advancement of research on sustainable biomass supplies and utilisation. He is well aware of the opportunities and challenges of large scale bioenergy deployment and his focus is consistently on finding solutions to allow for a sustainable implementation of biomass valuechains. With his focus and enthusiasm for scientific research, he is a true motivator for PhD and fellow researchers, helping to boost both current and future biomass research.

He is a highly valued government advisor and contributor to IPCC, IEA, UN (Bio-energy, UNEP, FAO, UNIDO), EC, WEC, WEF, Energy sector, NGO's and more, often taking the lead in the activities. Previous positions include scientific directorate the Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development at Utrecht University Utrecht.

The uniqueness of this award is two-fold. On theone hand, as a recognized ‘’field medal’’ it is a great recognition from the large global bioenergy community and scientific arena in the field and André is also the youngest of 17 laureates to date. On the other hand, the University of Groningen is the first institution that had the honour of two of its professors being awarded by the Linneborn Prize. In 2000, the late Prof. dr. ir. A.A.C.M. (Ton) Beenackers (chemical engineering) was awarded with the Linneborn Prize. Both laureates are linked; in 1997 Prof. Beenackers was a member of the Ph.D. committee of André Faaij.

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