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NWO awards Vici grant to prof. dr. Marc Verheijen

18 May 2015

NWO awards a Vici grant to prof Marc Verheijen of the University of Groningen after an administrative reconsideratin. The grant has been awarded for the project ‘The panoramic Perspective on Gas and Galaxy Evolution’ which only just missed the selection in 2012.

innovative survey camera (APERTIF), custom-built for the Westerbork radio telescope
innovative survey camera (APERTIF), custom-built for the Westerbork radio telescope

Taking advantage of an innovative survey camera (APERTIF), custom-built for the Westerbork radio telescope, the atomic hydrogen gas in tens of thousands of galaxies will be studied in great detail over the next 5 years. The wide field-of-view of APERTIF allows for the efficient mapping of vast regions of the Universe and provides an unprecedented perspective on the important role of hydrogen gas in the evolution of galaxies over the past 3 billion years of cosmic time. More information about Apertif is available on the website of Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomiy Astron.

Prof Marc Verheijen
Prof Marc Verheijen

More information

For more information, please contact prof. dr. Marc Verheijen, +31 50-3634077

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