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Water authority levies rise by 2 to 8 percent per year

Vast differences between water authorities
27 January 2015

In the run-up to the elections for water authority boards on 18 March, the University of Groningen Local Government Economics Research Centre (COELO) has examined the way in which the water authority’s tax rates developed during the course of the last management term (2009-2015), and discovered that rates have risen between an average of 2 percent per year for waste water treatment to an average of 8 percent per year for owners of non-cultivated land. These figures are published in the ‘Key data on developments in water authority levies 2009-2015’ report, compiled by COELO. The full report, containing figures for each separate water authority, can be found on .

An extra €19 for treating waste water

The pollution levy is a tax paid by households and companies alike. In 2015, a multiperson household will pay an average of €168. This is €19 more than in 2009, and represents an average rise of 2 percent per year. The rate in Aa en Maas is €138, making it the lowest in the country. Delfland has the highest rate at €283 for a multiperson household in 2015. The rate in Delfland has also risen most steeply, rising by €88 for a multiperson household over the last management term. The rate in Roer en Overmaas has dropped by €6 since 2009.

Water board levy rises from €50 to €78

All households pay a water board levy. The average amount due in 2015 is €78, and varies from €37 in de Dommel to €116 in Delfland. In 2009, the average water board levy was just €50. The average levy has therefore risen by 4.4 percent per year. The rise is sharpest in Groot Salland, where households now pay €37 more than in 2009. In Zuiderzeeland, the rate in 2015 is lower than in 2009 (drop of €3).

More information

Contact: Dr C. Hoeben, tel. +31 (0)50 363 3766. E-mail: coelo

The report is published in full on:

Key data on developments in water authority levies 2009-2015 , COELO, Groningen.

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