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Powder to the people

02 December 2014

The storage stability, handling, and administration advantages of powder formulations for pulmonary vaccination

Various aspects of vaccination via the lungs were studies in the PhD research of Mr. Wouter Tonnis. Over the last decades, vaccines have prevented many infectious diseases and deaths worldwide. Disadvantages of current vaccine products are their relatively short shelf life and their administration by needle. The short shelf life makes transport to rural areas in developing countries difficult or even impossible. Furthermore, administration by injection creates the risk of transmission of diseases like HIV and hepatitis B, due to the re-use of needles or accidental needle-stick injuries, requires the help of trained healthcare workers, and persons with needle-phobia might refuse vaccination. All these disadvantages could be overcome by processing the vaccine into a dry and stable powder that can be administered by inhalation.

Wouter Tonnis studied Pharmacy at the University of Groningen and continued his PhD at the Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy (GRIP), Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy. He now works as a formulation scientist at Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson.

PhD ceremony:         Mr. W.F. Tonnis

When:                     December 05, 2014

Promotor:                 prof. dr. H.W. (Erik) Frijlink

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