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RUG400 anniversary film ‘For Infinity – the Movie’ now showing around the world!

01 October 2014

The RUG400 anniversary film ‘For Infinity – The Movie’ is now being shown all around the world. On 1 October, after dozens of showings in and outside the University, the film was posted on the University of Groningen YouTube channel. The film, which was made to mark the 400th anniversary of the University of Groningen, had its première in May.

Campaign image For Infinity the Movie, photographer: Sacha de Boer
Campaign image For Infinity the Movie, photographer: Sacha de Boer

Hilarious musical

A lot of people in Groningen have already seen the film at various events held during the RUG400 celebrations. It is a hilarious musical about a fresh young student called Tom, and made by the team that was responsible for creating the University of Groningen Lipdub. They submitted the idea for the film to the organizers of RUG400. In September 2012, it was voted the best idea to be suggested by University of Groningen staff. Eighteen months of hard work went into making the film.

The film features catchy songs, absurd plot lines, special guest appearances and spellbinding animations. Join Tom as he searches for the pretty girl he saw on the stairs in the Academy building. Engage with him as he throws himself into his studies. Hang onto your seat as the tension builds. And cross your fingers that he will meet the girl of his dreams.

Groningen as the best university city

The film is ambitious to say the least. In thirty minutes, it aims to show that Groningen is the best university city in the Netherlands, with great conditions for studying, bold architecture, swinging students and friendly locals. The typical Groningen spirit is translated into a film packed with song, dance, quips and absurd scenarios. A feel-good movie and a coming-of-age story rolled into one. The film is a must for all international students studying in Groningen, partly because of its English character. Prospective students should also watch the film to help them get into the Groningen groove.

Now available on YouTube

  • Duration: 36 minutes
  • English spoken and sung
  • On YouTube, in 4K, English subtitles

For Infinity – the Movie

  • Script: Frank den Hollander, Jaap Ploeger and Reinout Wallis de Vries
  • Music: Christiaan Coenraads
  • Lyrics: Christiaan Coenraads and Frank den Hollander
  • Director: Sjaak&Nout
  • Producers: Bram Douwes and Frank den Hollander
  • Choreography: Inge de Bruine
  • Art director: Josine Zuidema
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