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New faces at NEXT

08 September 2014

In the past weeks, NEXT has been busy. We are working on all kinds of career activities, the workshops and trainings started again and last but not least; our servicepoint in the University Library is, as of today, open again.

As of today (September 8th) a new group of students have started working at the NEXT-servicepoint (University Library, first floor, room 0123). What this students pool can do for you? All kinds of things; they can help you finding answers on career related questions for instance, or they can check your CV or motivation letter. This way, you can optimize your chances to get the job you wanted. Last week, the students pool was trained in order to help you as good as possible.

Jasper and Jorien share their experience at the training, lead by Anne Miek Hermsen, trainer and studentcoach at the Student Service Centre. "I was very inspired by the training" says Jasper Roosdorp, "It gave me a clear idea on how I would like to communicate with students who visit NEXT for advice." Jorien Brouwer immediately got ideas on how to update her own CV. "I will add a short introduction on myself on the front page of my CV, a so-called profile." And why are these students the right ones to help you? "Because I can use my own experiences as a boardmember of my study-association to help, and share with, others" says Jorien. Jasper is looking forward to engage in longer conversations with students, so he can help the best he can.

And what is Jasper's and Jorien's dream job? "Lawyer" Jorien answers "because of the high degree of independence and the big variety in work activities." Jasper sees himself applying his knowledge regarding communication in a strategic position: "I would like to, for instance, define the nature of big (marketing)campagnes, and cooperate with designers, photographers and webdevelopers."

This month, you will see Jasper, Jorien and the others not only at the servicepoint in the University Library, but also at a number of career events.

You can find us on September 23th at the Vismarkt, where we are invited to check CV's at an event of 'De Broekriem'. But having your CV checked is not the only thing you can here, De Broekriem invited some professionals from different fields of work with whom you can engage in a conversation. For more information check the website of De Broekriem. You can also find NEXT on September 29th and October 1st at the CareersWeek hosted bij the Faculty of Economics and Business.

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