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MTNS 2014

25 June 2014

The 21th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (MTNS 2014) will be hosted by the University of Groningen, the Netherlands from Monday through Friday, July 7-11, 2014, with the support of the Dutch Institute of Systems and Control (DISC).

The MTNS is a major symposium in the general area of mathematical systems theory. The symposium is interdisciplinary and attracts mathematicians, engineers and researchers working in all aspects of systems theory. The symposium is organized every two years and traditionally covers areas involving a wide range of research directions in mathematical systems, networks and control theory.

During the symposium, on Tuesday July 8, the Johann Bernoulli public lecture will be by Roger Brockett (Harvard University). The title of his lecture is: "Robust Synchronization: From Huygens to Current Applications"

More public information (in Dutch):

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