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University of Groningen 400 th anniversary celebrations: visitor numbers

RUG400 festivities from 15 May to 15 June 2014
18 June 2014

See the press release: RUG400 festivities attract over 150,000 visitors

  • DNA event, Vismarkt and various schools in and around Groningen: 750 children, including introductory lessons in schools and crèches
  • Opening ceremony with King Willem Alexander (serenade), Broerplein and Academy Building, Groningen: 1,200 outside, 300 invited guests inside
  • Gala, Martiniplaza, Groningen: 10,000 students and staff
  • Gift for Infinity event, Broerplein and Academy Building, Groningen: 1,500 children attended introductory lessons given in schools by University of Groningen staff, 800 visitors during the day, 1,500 visitors at the NNO, Club Guy and Roni, WERC and Jan Klug music, dance and projection spectacle,
  • The Night of Art & Science (including Promenade and première of For Infinity the Movie), Groningen city centre: 13,500 people
  • For Infinity musical theatre show, Zernike Campus, Groningen: 4,900 visitors
  • Walk for Infinity, Greetsiel-Emden, Delfzijl-Groningen: 2,768 participants
  • Lauwersloop, Leeuwarden-Groningen: 850 participants, 1,000 visitors
  • Cantus, Grote Markt, Groningen: 1,000 participants
  • Bike race, Lofar district, Drenthe: 110 participants
  • Reception & alumni lunch, Vismarkt, Zwanestraat, Kromme Elleboog, Harmonieplein, Groningen: 1,400 participants
  • Bommen Boat Race, rowing event, Oostersluizen-Zuiderhaven, Groningen Museum-Zuiderhaven: 4,000 visitors
  • Parade, Ossenmarkt, Vismarkt, Zuiderdiep, Oosterstraat, Grote Markt, Ossenmarkt, Groningen: 4,000 visitors, 400 participants (6 artists, 6 districts, 13 student associations)
  • Gift for Infinity dinner, Martinikerk, Groningen: 250 people
  • Final party, Grote Markt, Waagplein, Vismarkt, Groningen: 13,000 visitors
  • Faculty lectures, Academy Building, University Library, Het Kasteel, Forum Images, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Groningen: 1,600 visitors
  • ‘Universities in the 21st Century: For Infinity’, Coimbra Group meeting, 37 European research universities and bilateral partners of the University of Groningen, Bernoulliborg, Zernike Campus Groningen: 300 visitors
  • 2 ESN parties for international students, Groningen: 600 visitors
  • Honorary doctorates, Martinikerk, Groningen: 1,000 invited guests
  • Student association evening: 600 visitors
  • Aletta the Musical, Stadsschouwburg Groningen and 5 special locations, Groningen: 6,300 visitors
  • For Infinity exhibitions: 4 centuries of art at the University; From the Shadows, University Museum until 17 June: 6,257 visitors; 400 years of academic science, Der Aa-kerk until 17 June: 8,100 visitors; 400 years of student life, Groningen Museum until 17 June: 55,000 visitors (overall visitor numbers; precise numbers for specific exhibitions cannot be deduced)
  • 400 days for 400 questions (answered in Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe), Lectures & University of … Franeker, Stedum, Aduard, Gieten: 3,482 visitors
  • Pre-University Academy/Children’s University/children’s knowledge cafés: 3,950 visitors
  • Research day: 500 visitors
  • Children’s day/art visit: 312 visitors
  • 400 questions also answered during various other events (these visitor numbers are included in the numbers for the events concerned, such as The Night and The Gift)
  • Photo exhibition Samen 400 jaar! (400 years together!) Sacha de Boer: public open-air exhibition in the streets of Groningen city centre throughout the month (visitor numbers for Sacha de Boer’s exhibition are not included)
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