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CHIESI Young Investigator Award for Carian Boorsma

08 May 2014
Carian Boorsma
Carian Boorsma

During the Longdagen 2014 Carian Boorsma, PhD student in the research group of Dr. B.N. (Barbro) Melgert and Prof. dr. K. Poelstra (Pharmacokinetics, Toxicology and Targeting), was awarded the CHIESI Young Investigator Award. Carian Boorsma received this prestigious award together with €5000,-.

The jury awarded Carian Boorsma for her research on cell-communication processes that regulate production and degradation of lung tissue. Disrupted cell-communication can lead to severe lung diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis that is characterized by excess production and reduced degradation of lung tissue. Carian Boorsma and her colleagues discovered new signaling proteins that possibly regulate the production and degradation of lung tissue. Further research will be done to use these proteins as a target for the development of a new therapy against pulmonary fibrosis.

Oral communication at the Longdagen 2014 conference on respiratory disorders:
RANK/RANKL/OPG-axis in pulmonary fibrosis: which cell types are involved?

CE Boorsma, C Draijer, RH Cool, CA Brandsma, G Nossent, D Brass, W Timens, BN Melgert.

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