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Oxbridge rowing teams in RUG400 boat race

Bommen Boat Race a new rowing tradition between Groningen and Münster
14 March 2014

In honour of the 400th anniversary of the University of Groningen, the universities of Groningen and Münster are starting a new tradition: the Bommen Boat Race. The race is inspired by the famous Boat Race on the Thames between the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. The University of Groningen is proud to announce that alumni teams from both Oxford and Cambridge will participate in the festive first edition of the Race.

Photo: Sacha de Boer
Photo: Sacha de Boer

The sporting event will take place on the Groningen canals on Saturday 14 June 2014, during the RUG400 Alumni Weekend. As well as the teams from Oxford, Cambridge, Münster and Groningen, other top teams will also participate. Even professors from the universities of Münster and Groningen will cross oars.

The race will be organized with the help of the Groningen rowing clubs G.S.R. Aegir, A.G.S.R. Gyas and de Hunze, and the University of Groningen Sport Centre.

Bommen Boat Race

From 2015, the Bommen Boat Race, an Aegon City Rowing Event, will be held annually on 28 August – Bommen Berend – Groningen Liberation Day. The Bommen Boat Race will be a festive event with lots of music and fun things to do alongside the sporting activities.

The Boat Race

There has been a traditional Boat Race between the rowing teams of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge on the Thames since 1829. Rowers come to both universities from all over the world to study and thus be able to take part in The Boat Race. It is the pinnacle of sporting achievement at both universities.

Alumni weekend

The rowing event will be held during the alumni weekend the University is organizing especially for its former students in honour of its anniversary. The weekend is packed with festive events including a reception and lunch, faculty lectures, a benefit dinner, a parade and a grand closing party, as well as the Bommen Boat Race. The alumni weekend is 13-15 June.
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