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University of Groningen and Deusto University found Tuning Academy

06 March 2014

University of Groningen and Deusto University (Bilbao, Spain) have together founded the Tuning Academy. The new Academy is the crowning achievement of over twelve years of intensive collaboration within the framework of Tuning. ‘Tuning is the most extensive and influential university initiative in the world in the field of educational innovation. Thousands of education institutions and their staff are involved, with the aim of attuning educational systems all over the world and simplifying the recognition of credits’, says Robert Wagenaar, co-director of the Tuning Academy.

José María Guibert (Deusto University) and Elmer Sterken (University of Groningen).
José María Guibert (Deusto University) and Elmer Sterken (University of Groningen).

The University and Deusto University are working together on Tuning projects all over the world, ranging from Europe to Africa, Latin America, the United States, Russia and Central Asia. Feasibility scans have also been conducted in Canada and Australia, and the current focus is on China and India. Wagenaar: ‘Tuning is currently operational in over a hundred countries. The projects were and are being implemented with the political and financial support of the European Commission.’

Tuning Academy

The newly founded Tuning Academy has three main tasks:

  • providing an international platform and network for the development of and reflection on higher education and its programmes
  • conducting research and facilitating research within the framework of Tuning
  • providing training in the field of the modernization of higher education

Wagenaar: ‘The Academy is not only intended for academics and administrators, managers and professors in higher education, but also people like rectors, vice rectors, deans, vice deans, members of quality assurance bodies and boards of examiners, and not forgetting individual lecturers.’

The Deusto University and University of Groningen delegations in Bilbao. (Photo: Annika Hoogeveen)
The Deusto University and University of Groningen delegations in Bilbao. (Photo: Annika Hoogeveen)
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