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University College Groningen preparing for the first batch of students

03 March 2014

In September 2014, the University of Groningen opens a new faculty: University College Groningen (UCG). Students of the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme will be taught in a renovated building at the Hoendiepskade.

Building at Hoendiepskade Groningen
Building at Hoendiepskade Groningen

Attractive learning environment for creative students

"It promises to be a great location to study for our students. This monumental building of 3,000 m2 will be significantly renovated and will be ready in September for the first arrival of UCG students," promises Van Ees. "In September 2014 we will welcome 50 students from around the world. The design of the building will allow students to brainstorm together and exchange creative ideas, they will develop a critical research attitude and they will encourage each other to find solutions on major issues in society." Therefore the building will have many areas where students can study in silence or with others.

Living and learning on mini-campus

To strengthen the bond between students they will also live together in student accommodation on the CiBoGa-campus. The construction of the first apartments will start in March 2014. Besides private rooms with own bedrooms, kitchenettes and bathrooms, it is also intended that students meet and exchange ideas in common living areas. "This combination of studying and living is one of the main principles of the University College Groningen," says Van Ees.

About University College Groningen

University College Groningen is the tenth faculty of the University of Groningen. It offers an English-language BA/BSc in Liberal Arts and Sciences. The UCG will educate a special group of students in the fields of Energy, Healthy Ageing and Sustainable Society. Dutch and EU students who are interested in this selective programme must apply before June 1. Non-EU students should apply before 1 April 2014.

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