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Research on old shipwrecks in the eastern Wadden Sea

28 October 2013
The 'Punt van Reide' between Dollard and Eems
The 'Punt van Reide' between Dollard and Eems

The Institute of Archaeology of the University of Groningen is going to conduct underwater archaeology in the eastern Wadden Sea, the Eems and the Dollard. This has never been done before here. The aim of the Buitendijks erfgoed Oostelijke Waddenzee project [Eastern Wadden Sea mudflats heritage project] is to chart the presence of old shipwrecks, together with the residents.

Underwater research

The project will will run from September 2013 to September 2015. The University of Groningen first wants to check and chart all the reports of finds of old shipwrecks, traces of drowned villages and the remains of old dykes. The information is provided by, for example, mudflat walkers, recreational divers, fishermen and the inhabitants. Starting in the second half of 2014, divers and other experts will investigate the sites and record them. The results will be published once the project has ended.

The University of Groningen, the National Agency for Cultural Heritage, the Nieuw Land Heritage Centre in Lelystad and the provinces of Fryslân and Groningen are all participating in the project.

More information

Prof.dr. André van Holk, professor of Maritime Archeeology

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