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Working in an organization gives you a real idea of what organizations really do, and how they do it

11 juli 2013

Paula Boom

MSc Business Administration – Change Management

MSc Human Resource Management

Duration of internship: 4 months

Organization: Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO)

Internship project: Evaluation of the process of the Management Agreements between DUO and OCW

When I started writing my master thesis last February, I also wanted to gain some work-experience before graduating. That is why I started searching for an internship. Via the Career Office mailing list, I came across internships at DUO. Although these internships were not exactly compatible with my thesis subject, I decided to contact DUO directly. They offered me the opportunity to gather data for my thesis, and at the same time work on a project for them. Quite the win-win situation.

Although DUO may not sound as the most exciting place to work, it a great place for gaining work experience. I would say that many of the prejudices about governmental organizations are quite true, as they love to have meetings to discuss things (over and over again). However, the people at DUO are very welcoming, there is an open culture, and you get a lot of freedom and responsibilities in your tasks. You feel like you are a part of a team.

Besides acquiring real work experience, I learned how to interact with different stakeholders in the Management Agreements process and colleagues, and how the governmental world works. Only now I have a real idea of how an organization works, and how complex it actually is.

I would recommend students to do an internship during their studies. Working in an organization gives you a real idea of what organizations really do, and how they do it. I also do think it is a great way of getting a better grip of what you would like to do in your working life.

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