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Colloquium Mathematics, Gerard Helminck

11 June 2013

Join us for coffee and tea at 15.30 p.m.

Date:                           Tuesday, June 11th 2013

Speaker:                     Gerard Helminck (UvA)

Room:                         5161.0293 (Bernoulliborg)

Time:                         16.00

Title: Compatible Lax equations and Lie algebra decompositions


Lax equations play a role in various models in physics.
Starting from this notion and its properties in the finite dimensional
case, we present two infinite dimensional examples and show what can be
proved for their relevant Lie algebras and decompositions.

Colloquium coordinators are Prof.dr. A.C.D. van Enter (e-mail : and

Dr. A.V. Kiselev (e-mail: )

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