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Netherlands – Russia Student Debate

26 juni 2013

As part of the official programme of the Russia – Netherlands international year we offer you a unique opportunity to visit the Moscow school of Business Skolkovo where you will participate in debates together with Russian peers. This event is organised by Shell Russia, which will pay and facilitate your entire stay!

Netherlands – Russia Student Debate

You will arrive (late) at Moscow on 3 October where you can check-in at the Skolkovo campus hotel. On day 2 you will be taken on a tour of Skolkovo and to a meeting + presentation with Shell (in Skolkovo). In the afternoon you will receive public speaking skills training and the draw for the debate teams will take place. The rest of the afternoon will be used to prepare for the debate. In the evening there will be a dinner at Skolkovo.

On the third day the debates will take place (11:00 till 14:00) after which there will be time for a nice lunch before getting a tour of Moscow with dinner in the city. You will fly back to the Netherlands late at night or early in the morning.

The debates

There will be five teams consisting of one Russian and one Dutch student. On the second day the teams receive the presentation theme and start preparing a 4 minute presentation.

1) Two minutes of the presentation is about a theme that will be the same for all teams; Today the world’s population exceeds 7 Bln. and it may reach 9 Bln by 2050 according to some estimates. How will this, in your opinion, impact the energy demand and how this demand will be met?
2)Two minute presentation on forms of energy in the future about a theme that is team specific; Share your views on how realistic the scenario is if one specific energy source will dominate. What are possible consequences of this scenario? Options are Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuclear or Renewable/solar.

On the third day you will give your presentation. A jury panel discusses the results. Each jury member is asked to (briefly) share his/her impression. Special guests in the audience are asked to say a couple of words.


Do you want to take part in this unique opportunity? Then send us your motivation why we should select you. The requirements to participate are:

  1. Must be fluent in English
  2. Must be prepared to read literature prior to the activity.
  3. Must study at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences or University of Groningen
  4. Must write a short news item for the Energy Academy Europe website after the trip

Send us a motivation that addresses these criteria:

  • Why do you think you should be selected?
  • What is the added value you bring to this topic?
  • What will you do with the gained knowledge?

Register by filling in the form on our website before 1 July:

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