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Marjoleine de Vos new guest writer at University of Groningen

06 May 2013

Author, poet and journalist Marjoleine de Vos is the new guest writer at the University of Groningen. Starting in September 2013, she will give three public lectures on the topic ‘Myth and truth’, followed by a public discussion with writer Willem Jan Otten about the role of myths in his own life and in poetry. In addition, she will organize seminars on writing mythological history for a selected group of students.

The public lectures will take place on Monday evenings, 23 and 30 September and 7 and 14 October, in the Auditorium of the Academy Building (8-9.30 p.m.)


The lectures given by the new guest writer revolve around the power and importance of myths. According to De Vos, mythological truth is very different from academic truth. Myths are about perceived reality, about explanations that are not real explanations, but which can be used to explain everything. This is what makes myths so mysterious and fascinating. In her lectures, Marjoleine de Vos will draw on ancient myths and Christian myths, and examine the ways in which myths are still being used even today.

Marjoleine de Vos

Marjoleine de Vos (1957) is an editor for NRC Handelsblad newspaper . She writes about art, literature and cooking, and has a fortnightly column on the opinion page. A selection of these columns have been compiled in Nu en altijd: bespiegelingen (2000) and Het is zo vandaag als altijd (2011). In 2000, she published her first poetry compilation entitled Zeehond graag , which was nominated for the VSB Poetry Prize 2002. This was followed by Kat van sneeuw (2003) and Het waait (2008) . Her fourth compilation, Uitzicht genoeg, was published in January 2013.

Guest writers

The University of Groningen has appointed a guest writer every autumn since 1986. Guest writers give public lectures and organize a series of seminars. Previous guest writers at the University of Groningen included Dick Hillenius, Doeschka Meijsing, Willem Wilmink, Monica van Paemel, Willem Jan Otten, Gerrit Krol, Nelleke Noordervliet, Bernlef, Rutger Kopland, Joost Zwagerman, Thomas Rosenboom, Bas Heijne, Koos van Zomeren, Tonnus Oosterhoff, Marjolijn Februari, Esther Jansma, Kader Abdolah, Arthur Japin, Annejet van der Zijl and Hans Aarsman.

The University of Groningen and Studium Generale Groningen are responsible for appointing guest writers.

Note for editors

More information: Guus Termeer, Studium Generale Groningen

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