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Justin Kroesen Lecturer of the Year, Bert Otten wins Audience Award

07 February 2013

Justin Kroesen, lecturer in Art History of Christianity, has won the Jury Prize in the Lecturer of the Year Elections. Human Movement Scientist Bert Otten won both audience awards. He gained the most votes both from the lecture hall and via the web.

According to the jury, Justin Kroesen’s presentation was ‘accurate, had a start and a finish, was “research-driven”, and characterized by a lot of passion’. Kroesen demonstrated how a good observer can learn a lot about history by carefully studying old church interiors. He won the main prize, a work of art and € 7,500, and will also be asked to develop a course unit for the Honours College.

Bert Otten gave a lecture on the phenomenal performance of gymnast Epke Zonderland on the men’s horizontal bars at the last Olympic Games. Otten’s research had immediate success. A week after showing Zonderland the results, the gymnast and University of Groningen medical student was able to make a fourth, extra release manoeuvre.

Friday 8 February, Otten was a guest on the show De Wereld Leert Door.

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