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Ten Groningen degree programmes in top echelons of Dutch academic teaching

04 December 2012

Ten University of Groningen degree programmes have been awarded the quality label ‘Topopleiding’ (excellent degree programme) in the Keuzegids Universiteiten (Higher Education Guide) published on 4 December. In addition, sixteen Groningen degree programmes were assessed as the best in their category.

This year was the first time that quality labels were awarded to a number of institutions and degree programmes that are among the top in Dutch academia according to the criteria of the Keuzegids. The most important of these criteria is teaching quality in the Bachelor’s phase. The assessments in the Keuzegids are based on student evaluations, success rates and visitation reports.

A total of 59 degree programmes in the Netherlands were assessed as ++ or +++ and thus awarded the quality label. The Groningen degree programmes in Artificial Intelligence, Religious Studies, Human Movement Sciences, Philosophy of a specific discipline, Philosophy, Theology, Archaeology, Chemical Engineering, Biology and Chemistry have all earned a quality label.

The sixteen University of Groningen degree programmes that were assessed as the best in their category are Artificial Intelligence, Religious Studies, Pedagogy, Law & Public Administration, Communication and Information Sciences, Scandinavian Languages, Finno-Ugric Languages, English Language & Culture, Pharmacy, Human Movement Sciences, Philosophy of a specific discipline, Philosophy, Art History, Archaeology, Chemical Engineering and Information Sciences.

The Keuzegids Universiteiten is published annually by the Centre for Higher Education Information (CHOI, Centrum Hoger Onderwijs Informatie) and is intended for secondary school pupils and counsellors who want to orientate themselves to their future study careers.

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