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Spatially distributed information: from a silly chat to the smart grid

16 October 2012

Inaugural lecture: Mr. prof. A. Aiello, 14.00 uur, Aula Academiegebouw, Broerstraat 5, Groningen

Title: Spatially distributed information: from a silly chat to the smart grid

Chait: Distributed systems

Faculty: Mathematics and Natural Sciences

What is the connection between Skype, booking a trip to Rome, creating a smart home and a household’s energy bill? Aiello argues that one should look for a common thread in the supporting infrastructure and in the field of Distributed Information Systems, in particular. In fact, in the rapidly evolving discipline of computer science, distributed information systems have gone from small experimental prototypes to becoming the mainstream approach for building solutions at any scale. Simply consider the World Wide Web to get an impression of the relevance and impact of such systems.

To comprehend where we stand today and reflect on what are possible evolutions, Aiello looks back at forty years of research and development in distributing information spatially considering both general milestones and personal experiences.

One conclusion he draws is that, if we have witnessed a true revolution in the way computer systems work and allow for distributing information, another revolution is awaiting at the intersection of distributed systems and energy. Aiello argues that such revolution is likely to bear the name of ‘Smart Grids’.

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