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Website ‘Reading for your list’ expanded to VMBO and lower classes of HAVO-VWO

12 October 2012

The website Lezen voor de lijst [Reading for your list], developed by the Teacher Education department of the University of Groningen, has received nearly two million pageviews since it was launched at the end of last year, which means it is a great success. Given the interest shown by teachers and pupils in upper secondary classes, Stichting Lezen [the Reading Foundation] and have decided to expand the website from 15 October 2012 to VMBO and the lower classes of HAVO-VWO. Similar lists for modern languages and for Frisian are in preparation.

The website helps pupils to find books that match their reading level. This means that they can already start working on a good reading list in lower secondary, as well as track their literary development between the ages of 12 and 19. Six reading levels have been defined, with each pupil choosing books that match his or her level. Working with ‘Lezen voor de lijst’ challenges pupils and helps them to progress to higher reading levels. The levels are based on research conducted by the University of Groningen on the literary development of adolescents in secondary education. In the meantime, the research has been expanded to several other countries in Europe (

Reading and language development

‘Lezen voor de lijst’ is intended for pupils, teachers, parents and library staff. The site gives advice on the choice and processing of the books that pupils want to read for their lists. The site not only wants to stimulate the reading of fiction and literature in adolescents, but also promote their language development. Research on language development has revealed that reading books can be regarded as the driving force behind both reading and language development among adolescents.

Note for the press

Contact: Dr Theo Witte, Department of Teacher Education, University of Groningen, tel. 050-363 6191, e-mail: t.c.h.witte

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