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Klaus Linkenkaer-Hansen - Neuronal network dynamics and brain function

11 september 2012
Critical-state dynamics have recently gained widespread interest in neuroscience. It is an attractive framework for understanding variability in neuronal systems, which often exhibits power-law scaling. For example, ongoing neuronal oscillations in the alpha-frequency band (8–13 Hz) exhibit power-law scaling in the burst duration, and long-range temporal correlations. Importantly, the meta-stability of systems balancing at this critical edge is computationally beneficial. In this presentation, we will first introduce the concept of criticality and explain why criticality in mass-neuronal and cognitive dynamics is expected from mechanistic and functional points of views. I will illustrate with computational models how critical behaviour can emerge in neuronal networks producing oscillations, and give empirical examples of the functional implications. Finally, I will show how the framework of criticality has produced new biomarkers for the study of brain-related disorders.
Laatst gewijzigd:31 mei 2018 16:05

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